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Online Interactive Production Guide
*Trial Version: doddle Call Sheets are absolutely free to try without a credit card. They are fully functional, with the exception of a watermark on all sent PDF's. Registering the product will remove the watermarks.
  • Produce Digital Interactive Call Sheets right from the doddle Guide, Contacts or Manually
  • Send Internal Notes to Individuals or the Entire Crew
  • Update Weather and Emergency Info for Your Project by Adding a Location
  • Upload Photos for Locations, Talent and Schedules to View in the Call Sheet
  • Send Your Call Sheet as a digital doddle Call Sheet or a PDF see PDF here
  • Keep Your Online Version Synced With Your iPhone Version
  • Crew receive Call Sheets for free with our PDF and our free doddle app.

Sync Stay Synced

Stay Synced
Keep your online version synced with your iPhone version. Start creating a Call Sheet on your desktop, then sync it up with your phone version while you're in the field. With doddlePRO and doddlePRO Online you can work wherever you want, when you want. It also works both ways so you can start being productive wherever you are. Iphone App Store Interactive Production Guide
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*doddlePRO iPhone App is a separate one
time fee of $9.99 from App Store

Resources Up to Date

Update your weather and emergency info instantly. As soon as you enter a location for your project you'll receive automatic weather and emergency information updates that will display right inside your doddlePRO call sheets. Great information for the crew to have right at their fingertips.
Up to Date

Pin Where am I?

Where am I?
Shooting on the beach or in the desert? Now when you find that perfect location that does not have a physical address just use the "Where I am Now" button in the Locations section of the doddlePRO App and get the Lat/Long of the exact spot!

*This Feature is for mobile version only.

Clip Stay In Touch

Stay In Touch
Send internal notes with the crew. Have a message you need to get to the Key Grip or even the new PA? Send your note to whom ever you need on the Call Sheet and the person will receive an icon indicating they have a personal message waiting for them. Send it to a individual or make a message for the entire crew!

Photos Visualize Your Shoot

Add visuals to your Call Sheet. With doddlePRO you can add photo's to your Call Sheet for Talent, Location or in the Schedules section. Take a look at those storyboards on set or look at the location and talent before you even get on set! You can add exsisting photos or maybe you are making a call sheet and scouting the location. Take a photo with your phone and drop it right in the call sheet! Add, delete, capture and manage photo's right from your iPhone, iPad or your desktop, it's a snap!
Visualize Your Shoot

PDF Cover Your Bases

With doddlePRO you can send a fully customized PDF version your Call Sheet. Your crew will always be up to date even if they do not have doddlePRO because doddlePRO creates a PDF on the fly, in the background, while you are making your Call Sheet. Drag N Drop sections easily to create the perfect call sheet for you. Once you send the Call Sheet everyone will receive a digital version as well as a PDF right in their email!

Cover Your Bases

Tools Let's Customize!

Emotional Attachment

Need to attach a file with that PDF of your Call Sheet? Now you can add any file to your doddlePRO Call Sheet email so the recipient can have all the important information with them!

I've Got Something to Say

Want to send a personal message to your crew? Now you can add a message right in the body of your email when you send from our doddlePRO Online version. Make sure that important message is seen by everyone right away.

*This Features are for online version only.
Let's Customize

Note Just the Facts

Receive Call Sheet Email Delivery Reports. After you send your Call Sheet we will send an Email Delivery Report so you can see who got the email, who didn't, and why. With this report you will know for sure your team has all the info they need to show up prepared and on time.
Just the Facts

Start Your Free Trial Version!

*Trial Version: doddle Call Sheets are absolutely free to try without a credit card. They are fully functional, with the exception of a watermark on all sent PDF's. Registering the product will remove the watermarks.